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Magic Organ Doughnut Cat Scratcher

Magic Organ Doughnut Cat Scratcher

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The must have cat toy for 2023!

Satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts with the Magic Organ Doughnut Scratcher from GGPets.

Made from corrugated cardboard and paper, the scratcher comes flat packed and opens up to a doughnut shape with a honeycomb structure. It comes with a jingle ball, pop this is and then secure with the magnetic pads at each end. Once open, the scratcher is flexible and can change shape, best of all, if you have a larger cat or a multiple cat household, more than 1 scratcher can joined together to create a bigger toy.

The honeycomb structure is perfect for sprinkling catnip (small sachet included), to ensure your cat has tons of fun!

Playing with the scratcher will not just entertain your cat, it'll help them keep their claws in tip top shape and reduce the risk of them scratching your carpet or furniture - the perfect distraction!

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