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Avocado Cat Lick with Rotating Cat Mint Ball

Avocado Cat Lick with Rotating Cat Mint Ball

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Forget guacamole and smashed avocado on toast, time for your cats to get in on the Avocado craze!

The Avocado cat lick from GGPets is designed with a rotating catnip core for your cat to sniff, lick and rub til their heart's content.

The body of the toy is 6cm x 4.6cm and is made from safe and sturdy ABS plastic. The cat mint core is 2.7cm wide and made from pressed all natural cat nip.

To use: Stick the Avocado catnip lick to a hard, smooth surface, such as a hard floor, window, or painted surface using the included double-sided sticky pad and encourage your cat to sniff and lick the rotating catnip core. 

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